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Why Is Chemo Therapy The Front Line Of Defense For Cancer?

It really disappoints me how money can be more essential in life than a person in some individuals eyes on this earth. It especially hurts me personally that the drug companies who my family trust to help me survive a life threatening illness saw me more as a profitable object than a human being worth saving. Absolutely inexcusable! Consequently this video does encourage me to learn more about my body and what my body requires to stay healthy.

Most Athletic And Healthiest Set Of Humans On Planet Earth?

So my first post is about an ancient tribe called the Tarahumara, who are still around in the Copper Canyons of Mexico today. They have been living unchanged for 400 years and running 100 miles plus a day! I found this video really interesting as I am mid-flow into my marathon training and I am questioning whether to adapted to his ideas that he suggests. Also there is astonishing news about this ancient tribe regarding their health status and how they deal with injury and disease, watch the video to hear what remarkable things are happening in the Copper Canyons of Mexico!

(minute 3 starts talking about the Tarahumara)

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