My aim is to help people to understand their bodies, what their bodies need and what our bodies can do. Our bodies are awesome intelligent and beautiful things!

The 3 keys that allow for our bodies to be stupendous consist of Nutrition, Exercise and Psychology (NEP):

  • Nutrition-> Find and create foods that are not empty of nutrition, foods that are colourful and bold, full of essential fuel that is craved by our bodies.
  • Exercise-> Bring out your animal from within, encourage your competitive side through running, cycling or playing sports: football, netball, squash and tennis. Just ┬áhave fun!
  • Psychology-> That voice in your head that keeps trying to put you down, kick it the teeth and train a new phrase into your head to attract positive thoughts that drown out the negative. Add hobbies into your weekly routine┬áthat make you relax: watch movies, listen to music, singing, dancing or play sports the best anti stress medication out there!