At 4 years old I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and underwent 3 years of harsh chemotherapy treatment with blocks of  catabolic steroids. Fortunately I came out the other end of the tunnel with no cancer, but consequently from receiving unforgiving treatment I had some immediate effects to my walking and other physiological aspects.

To this day I am still dealing with the consequences of the treatment, permanent scaring on my heart from the chemo drug Doxorubicin. Another drug called Methotrexate which was injected into my spine has caused damage to the learning and memory part of my brain (Hippocampus), thus I have been diagnosed with dyslexia and short term memory loss. Even with all the set backs I was fortunate enough to have parents that implanted a healthy mind set into me, and I have been slowly rehabilitating since the age of 7-8 to become a strong healthy 18 year old.


A Picture with Jo Pavey, National Olympic Hero!

Now a university student studying Nutrition health and exercise at the same time as training for the Brighton Marathon. I think that life style not “diets” are the key to many┬ámodern day problems and the biggest reason why “diets” are being pumped into media is that large companies can cash in on it.